Now that I’ve taken a fair number of security analytics client inquiries (with wildly different meanings of the phase), I can share one emerging pattern: a lot of this newly-found analytics love is really old SIEM hatred in disguise. A 101% fictional and slightly over-dramatized conversation goes like this: Analyst: you said you wanted security … Continue reading Traditional SIEM vs Security Analytics


It’s impossible for any one person to manage every aspect of securing the network, endpoints and data of an entire organization. The top of the security chain of command in most cases is the Chief Information Security Officer, though, so ultimately that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the CISO. Security is everyone’s job. Each … Continue reading Taking Responsibility for Information Security


Target (NYSE:TGT) recently opened a state of the art Cyber Fusion Center to protect customer data from online threats. It is part of the $1 billion investment the retailer is making in technology and supply chain this year. The center is designed for a quick, team-based approach to security events, according to the company’s A … Continue reading Target opens cybersecurity center to fight online threats