H2H Technology offers a range of services to our clients. We have the ability to assess existing infrastructure and advise on ways to improve performance and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company information.

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Consultancy Services
Our team of expert consultants provides a wide range of consultancy services to advise and guide you in making informed decisions on your optimal service needs.

We evaluate your existing environment, provide insights into various options available and document any potential issues that should be addressed. All work is undertaken in collaboration with our clients.
Through our Security & Vulnerability Assessment we carry out an examination of your current security profile, using non-invasive and transparent investigative tools, to give you an overview of your existing infrastructure and highlights all vulnerabilities which could be exploited.

After auditing the entire infrastructure we will make recommendations on the best solutions for your needs and the optimal product set that will support this, ensuring you make the right choices for your business.

The findings of our assessment will then be documented, from both a technical and business perspective and all risks identified will be prioritised accordingly.

Our security Assessment Service reviews the security of your organisation in the following areas:

  • Perimeter Network Security
  • Internal Network & Endpoint Security
  • Network Design Principles and Best Practices
  • Vilnerabilities in your currently installed systems
  • Access Control Testing
  • Email Security Testing
  • Security Policy Review
Is your network secure? Is your network vulnerable to attack? You can find out by having a penetration test carried out by H2H Technology.

The last thing an organization wants to hear is that their security defenses arenít good enough and that an attack has taken down an application or stolen sensitive data. So how do you stop these surprises? The solution is to test your network in the same way that an attacker would and to do it regularly.

Traditionally penetration testing has largely been perceived in terms of keeping the unauthorised out. When identifying weaknesses in the security controls this is clearly the goal; however one important and often underappreciated benefit is in securely letting the authorised in; and the associated enablement of business initiatives. Effective and regular programs of penetration testing provide the secure infrastructure upon which an organisation can more easily grow their business.

Integrity Solutions Ltd utilises a standards based methodology when performing penetration tests, based on the OSSTMM (Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual).

The Penetration Testing service from the Integrity Solutions Risk Analysis and Security Practice helps you identify network perimeter vulnerabilities that unauthorized users often exploit to gain access to networks and information assets.

Penetration Testing includes planning, testing, and analysis of a comprehensive set of vulnerabilities in the transport, protocol, application, and remote access areas. The five phase process followed by Integrity Solutions is outlined below.

  • Information Gathering
  • Host Enumeration
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Research
  • Exploitation & Penetration
  • Final Analysis & Documentation

Our Penetration Testing service delivers an executive-level document that identifies critical security vulnerabilities and a comprehensive report of testing results and recommended action plans.
We understand that for our customers, time is money. Users expect a predictable response and if a network is slow or unresponsive this bodes badly for the rest of the organisation. Operations not meeting performance expectation speeds (e.g. file transfers) can, in turn prevent other projects from progressing.

Our Network Assessment Service assesses problems with a network performance and after thorough investigation provides suggested recommendations of ways of improving this problem performance.

As part of our Network Assessment Service, Integrity Solutions will:
  • Test transfer speeds
  • Identify constancy or intermittency of the problem
  • Review configuration
  • Analyse errors
  • Locate the problem
  • Report and provide detailed recommendations and remedial solutions if required.

We aim to get the most from your existing network security ... 'no compromise'.
H2H Technology encourages our clients to utilise their existing infrastructure as much as possible and our recommendations are made to this effect.

Our strategic security planning service is given in two stages

1. Solutions Planning Workshops

We provide strategic assistance in the form of value added workshops at the planning stage of any project in order to design the best solution and tease out any potential issues with any deployment.

This will look at what the immediate needs of your company are, as well as planning what may be required in the future. After gathering this information you will be able to make an informed decision on the type of solution that would most benefit your organisation, both in the long and short term.

2. Design of New System

Having identified your key infrastructure necessities, H2H Technology will design the optimal, tailor-made solution to meet your needs. This will incorporate the industries leading technology, tailored to meet your requirements in the short term, as well as for the foreseeable future.
If your organization electronically holds, transmits or processes credit card information, regardless of how that information was acquired, then it is required by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to comply with its Data Security Standard (DSS).

PCI Compliance Requirements

The PCI DSS requires merchants to:
  • Build and Maintain a Secure Network
  • Protect Cardholder Data
  • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  • Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  • Maintain an Information Security Policy

The Data Security Standard (DSS) is a complicated mix of best practices, technologies, policies and operational procedures. While all merchants and service providers are required to comply with all 220+ items in the standard, there is sufficient flexibility to allow each covered entity to comply in the manner that best suits the organization. However, this flexibility also creates an opportunity to misinterpret the requirements, resulting in a false state of compliance.

By engaging Integrity Solutions Ltd as your PCI compliance partner, you will gain access to Integrity's expertise in validating your current compliance state. Beyond this initial evaluation, we also provide detailed recommendations in the form of individual projects that are necessary in order to come into compliance.

Our expertise in designing and implementing security technologies ensures that our recommendations are based on realistic expectations for security and on-going management while minimizing the impact on "the business".

Our approach starts with understanding your business environment and your objectives. The goal of this understanding is to become an extension of your team and provide recommendations on how to comply with the DSS while minimizing the intrusion on established business operations. Our consultant will spend sufficient time with your IT staff and business leadership to learn the ways in which your company interacts with cardholder data and during this time they will measure your current compliance with each of the requirements in the standard.

With "current state" information at hand, we will analyse all of the gaps in your compliance program and make targeted, detailed and realistic recommendations to address each gap. The outcome of this analysis is a final report that embodies the remediation program necessary to come into compliance.

For Chief information officers, governance, audit and compliance take up a huge amount of time. Businesses need to ensure that their information policies meet regulatory needs and are flexible enough to deliver benefit to business.

Integrity Solutions provides an ISO 27001 Compliance Service guiding clients through establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with this quality standard. We take a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to ensure the highest standards are reached.

As part of this approach we will:
  • Assess current company procedures
  • Analyse current risks & threats
  • Establish the ISMS
  • Advise & monitor new policy introduction, processes and controls
  • Review these in line with overall company objectives.

We will also ensure that a high quality standard is maintained by:
  • Educating and training employees
  • Carrying out internal audits
  • Taking corrective and preventive action
  • Working towards continual improvement.
Security Integration Services
With our Security Integration Services, we aim to utilize your existing technologies and design and develop additional capabilities to ensure that all processes are efficient, with minimal threat exposure.

Every environment is unique and to help us ascertain what your particular needs are H2H consultants will meet with your technical staff to outline all the requirements of any new system or infrastructure.

Our consultants will analyse your existing infrastructure and make recommendations of what we feel is the best solution for your environment and any issues your organisation may be experiencing.

We provide assistance in the form of value added workshops at the planning stage of any project in order to design the best solution and identify any potential issues that may be encountered with the deployment.

The required functionality of your security posture, the deployment methodology and any risks that are involved to your business will be discussed and any limitations or assumptions will be identified and clarified. Timelines and expectations of the project will also be noted in a succinct project plan.

We understand that each case is unique and so we take into account the size of the company, network, complexity and your organisations security policies and together decide on the best fit for your requirements.

We will carry out a comprehensive overview to help you:
  • Examine your current information security profile or business requirements
  • Document existing gaps, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Define the issues to be addressed, determine the scope of the work and identify the goals

After assessing the current threats, we encourage you to be as involved as possible in the design stage of the solution.

A configuration matrix document will be produced based on the discussion from the analysis phase, which will include a summary of the requirements and scope of the project.

We will plan, organise and manage the transition between solutions and communicate our progress at each stage.

Our consultants and engineers will then design a system that brings together world-class technologies to create a tailored solution to match your individual needs.

Our system designers will incorporate any existing technologies, processes and procedures you wish to retain and streamline the interaction between them. A project plan will be produced with timelines and milestones listed, which will be delivered to the client for signoff before the system is built.
Our implementation service deploys your solution quickly and efficiently whilst minimising the exposure to threats.

During the Integration phase we will incorporate some of the world class technologies we work with, with your existing technologies. This seamless integration will be carried out quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption and exposure and will guarantee optimised future performance.

Any new equipment will be tested in our own labs before shipping to the client site for further testing, configuration and deployment.

The complexity of deployment requires the attention of a knowledgeable project specialist who can keep both the technical and the commercial aspects on target, playing a key role in the successful integration of any proposed solution.

Our project manager will engage with the customer at the beginning of the project cycle to understand the risks and help make the right risk management and planning decisions, to deliver a high quality project, within the agreed timescale and budget.

Timelines for each implementation is dependant on the complexity of the project and the clients' business constraints.

Installation will only be considered complete when the customer signs off against the agreed requirements documents, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.

The Documentation phase provides you with all of the information you need to monitor and maintain your own network infrastructure.

Each set of documentation will be project specific and can provide you with all of the information you need to manage and maintain your new infrastructure. This will include any configuration settings, customisations and can be done to the desired format of your existing network documentation.

After each project deployment Integrity will also give handover training to the required technical staff.
Risk & Advisory Services
H2H Advisory Services is a team of experienced professionals to help you achieve best-practice Governance, Risk, and Compliance in all areas of your business.

After analyzing your business, our team of consultants will create and implement a strategic plan putting your organization on a path to a successful enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance program.

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